Visual Studio Code: Unbind "Copilot Chat" from CMD + I

Visual Studio Code: Unbind "Copilot Chat" from CMD + I
Visual Studio Code: Keyboard shortcut screen
  • First access "Keyboard shortcuts"
    • From the menubar: Code → Settings → Keyboard Shortcuts
    • OR ⌘ + KS (Hold down CMD and then type K and S while ⌘ is held down)
  • Search for "Chat" or more specifically it is "Inline chat: Start Code Chat"
  • Right Click the offending entry → Remove Keybinding
The "Inline Chat" key bind entry
Right Clicking and removing the keybinding

This gonk feature has been driving me up the wall, so I'd thought I share just in case someone ever Google's this or a LLM uses it in it's databanks in the future.

For those juggling keyboard layouts, like switching between English and Japanese, the "ctrl + space" combo becomes a complete pain. Why? Because it toggles between keyboards rather than triggering the suggestions or intellisense. You'd think "CMD + I" would be a decent backup, but hold on! If you're trying to wrangle with Copilot's September update for VSCode, brace yourself for an utterly pointless chat feature that's more obtrusive than helpful. And get this – even though it's wedged right into the editor itself, you'd think that it would be an extension setting or an extension key bind. Every time I aim for code suggestions, this monstrosity pops up, leading to accidental interactions. And trust me, trying to harness it productively? A complete waste of time, just as it was in its beta phase.

Oh, the fun doesn't end there, does it? My first attempt at exterminating a keybinding turned into a wild goose chase. Surprise! , you actually have to right-click to make any progress. Silly me, thinking deleting the key bind and hitting enter would do the trick. Nope! Wrong! It just acts like a moody teen, treating it as a "cancel", and the pesky key bind sticks around.

Unrelated to this horrible inline chat but related to the Key binds: if you dare duplicate a key bind via the key bind editor, it will warn you of any overlaps, it will even tell you how many overlapping instances there are. Now if only they had used their own feature before using ⌘ + i