Visceral response to certain visual stimuli

Visceral response to certain visual stimuli

NOTE: This is just my personal experience, skip this if you don't care.

Dear reader,

Today, I'm delving into the peculiarities of the mind—specifically, mine. As well of the anecdote of how it occurred.

I was playing around with Image Generation, one of the images that got generated caused me to feel something... deeply unsettling. Picture this: a canvas filled with lines, mere lines, clustered so tightly they could suffocate. This wasn't art. It was an assault on the senses.

I'd say I have a mild sensitivity to aesthetics, an appreciation for the harmonious and the chaotic. But this? This was different. The pattern was unnatural, an aberration.

The impact was immediate, a visceral reaction that clawed at my insides. Discomfort is an understatement. It was as if my brain was rejecting the image, screaming for reprieve from this optical anomaly.

The observant among you might have noticed that recently that some of my posts had thumbnails. However, after this jarring experience, I felt a wave of revulsion akin to drinking spoiled milk—yes, that bad. It put me off the entire concept. So, in a fit of disgust, I stripped them all away.

I will attach the offending image just in case anyone wants to study it.