Starting my newsletter

Starting my newsletter

Well Dear Reader,

2024, the year Izumi storms your inbox – brace yourselves. I'm here to elbow my way next to your online shopping disasters and those work emails you pretend to ignore. Maybe I'll be the highlight of your day, but don't get your hopes up – I'm not planning to bombard you daily. Let's start monthly and see how we vibe.

Why a newsletter, you ask? Simple. My mind's a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas and I want to express them. They're too raw, too real. So, here's my solution – a new space where I can be unapologetically me.

What's this about?

Expect unfiltered Izumi in these newsletters. If you're hunting for a soulless, robotic email about productivity and those ridiculous SMART goals, you've knocked on the wrong door. Go back to your self-help gurus for that.

I want to try a new way of writing, topics and things which have failed to reach blog post stage. I want to share what I discover online. Expect a concoction of shrewd insights and keen analyses—served with a side of wry wit, of course. However subscribing to this newsletter means joining me on a mutual raid on complacency, always bearing one crucial caveat in mind: you're choosing to see the world through my eyes, so brace yourself for a bias that's more honest than your grandmother's unrequested advice.

🔰 Obviously I am new to this "newsletter" thing so content can change on a whim, I want to talk about goals, failures and what we can mutually learn from them. Tips, insights, whatever comes to mind. A more personal approach and style of writing. Think more "behind the scenes" content or something smaller than something I'd post on the site.

Join me on this erratic journey. Learning, living, evolving – or maybe devolving, who knows? Will I turn into a villain or stay the enigma I am? Stick around and let's find out.

Should you trust me?

Don’t be ridiculous "Never trust a soul in Night City. The fools who make that mistake get burned." (There you go a classic example of my bias, so now dear reader do you trust me?)

Money & Costs

Listen up, because I don't mince words or deal in surprises. You'll always know where you stand with me.

The first three months are on the house (From the time this is published) – consider it my gift to your curiosity. After that, we might talk money. I'm thinking $5-$10, but let's not put the cart before the horse.

Now, if I were to play by the oh-so-predictable rules of business, I'd split this into a free newsletter filled with annoying ads and a premium, ad-free version. Why? Because apparently, people love the illusion of getting something for nothing.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room – the dreaded money talk. If I charge, don't freak out. I won't kick you to the curb. We'll ease into it together, and I will try and make it worth the cost of admission at least. The free people? Well I might be forced to make a free tier newsletter – we will cross that bridge when we get there.

But let's cut to the chase: I will try my best to not make this be your average, soul-sucking, ad-riddled newsletter. If I go the paid route, it'll be because I'm offering something I feel offers value.

So, here's your fair warning: I hate bait-and-switch tactics. They're cheap. So, if or when I decide to start charging, I'll make it crystal clear. No sneaky surprises. Subscribe to my newsletter with the understanding that it won't always be a free ride. I'm in this to make a statement, not to play charity. Got it? Good.

Welcome aboard, if you dare.


I'll give this a trial run for about three months – free of charge. After that, we'll see if it's worth something or if I'll toss it into the digital abyss.


In keeping things candid, the primary goal is I want to learn. I enjoy growing and learning and I want to share my findings. It gives me some spark knowing I helped someone in some way. If I don't do this, I will never know the outcome.