Lingatrix (noun)

Definition: An agent, program, or tool that is highly skilled in language and wordplay but is pre Artificial General Intelligence. Its ability to communicate effectively may trick users into believing its statements are true, regardless wether they are true or false, without any negative or malicious intent.

Etymology: Derived from the Latin word "lingua"(language) and the suffix -trix.

The "-trix" component encompasses three distinct meanings:

  1. Trix: The word "tricks", meaning the ability to use language or wordplay to generate an answer or statement, which may be true or false.
  2. -trix: The suffix denoting a female agent or doer, but based on context could also emphasizes the anthropomorphic nature of the lingatrix.
  3. From the mathematical definition of the word "matrix"

Example usage:

ChatGPT is a lingatrix.