Dispelling Confusion: A Closer Look at the Authentic 'Tree of Thoughts' Repository

I was going to do a post about tree of thoughts and I did try it's nice to have a theoretical explanation and an example you can run to see the results. But something more important came up while I was looking into this so I thought I'd share it instead.

There has been another repository under the same name which is based off the paper but does not hit the mark and some what discredits the original work by the researchers. So I'd share the original work as it's vital.

Here is the link to the research: https://arxiv.org/abs/2305.10601
Here is the link to the original repository: https://github.com/ysymyth/tree-of-thought-llm
Here is a tweet: https://twitter.com/ShunyuYao12/status/1663946702754021383
Here is a Hackernews post: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=36149566

It's disheartening to see someone take advantage of the original author's hard work and dedication, as is evident from the screenshot attached below.

Quite a vulgar response I feel overwhelmed with second hand cringe

The world of research and open source thrives on cooperation and mutual respect. Let's continue to uphold these values.