Hello world

Hello world

So, you've stumbled upon my blog. I'm Izumi, and if you're here, it means you have some interest in my thoughts and opinions on various topics, mainly technology. Just so you're aware, I'm not here to sugarcoat things or provide fluffy content; I'm here to share my perspective on the world around me.

The content on this blog is subject to my whims and interests. I had planned to discuss "AI" art for my first post, but the announcement of Stability AI's open-source LLM has piqued my curiosity. It's impossible to resist exploring this intriguing development. Rather than hearing it from me, you should check out the source for yourself.

Stability AI Launches the First of its StableLM Suite of Language Models — Stability AI
Stability AI’s open-source Alpha version of StableLM showcases the power of small, efficient models that can generate high-performing text and code locally on personal devices. Discover how StableLM can drive innovation and open up new economic opportunities while supporting transparency and accessi

Once I've gathered my thoughts, findings, and opinions, I'll share them here, keep your expectations in check and don't expect me to hold back. However one of the more exciting points for me is the token context length for this model. It is 4096 tokens. At the time of writting the technical report has not been released yet but you can see this on their Github project.

Besides delving into this open-source LLM, I have other tasks to tackle, like fine-tuning this blog's domain, refining the theme, and handling other housekeeping matters. These details may seem trivial, but they're necessary for creating the perfect environment for my musings and sanity. Stay tuned as I put everything in order.